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Map of Porto Marie


Map of Porto Marie

Schrijver, Carel Gustaaf / Esdré, Godfried Carel

Title Leupe: Kaart van Porte Marie en Valentyns bay, en tusschenliggende Kust.

This plan by or after the engineers Godfried Carel Esdré and Carel Gustaaf Schrijver was part of a series of reports send to the States-General in 1742 to show the weaknesses of the fortifications on Curaçao. In response, the latter drew a resolution on 9 October 1743 in which it was decided to dispatch the engineer Jacob Ribbius to Curaçao to oversee improvements to the fortifications in the outer bays. This new design included a small square tower fort, surrounded by low batteries on a star-shaped platform, which the States-General apparently also deemed suitable for the proposed stronghold at Sint Kruis Bay, Bullen Bay, Sint Michiel Bay and Piscadera Bay. Compared with Captain Schrijver’s original proposal (VEL222A-C), Esdré and Carel Schrijver’s projected defences were sited on the opposite side of the bay, where later the battery Porto Marie was constructed. Via a foldable sheet a detailed drawing and profile of their design is attached but this sheet is folded away on this image. Soundings and relief are indicated.

North is upper left.

Scale-bar of 90 Rhineland Rods = 190 'strepen.

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