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Map of Sint Michiel Bay


Map of Sint Michiel Bay

Schrijver, Cornelis / Esdré, Godfried Carel

Title Leupe: Plan van de St. Michiels Bay.

As naval Captain Cornelis Schrijver had already argued in 1737-1738 (VEL609A-B), the site chosen for the new stronghold on the headland on the eastern side of Sint Michiel Bay was unfavourable: from there the batteries could not cover the beach located a little to the west, where a possible landing might take place, but formed an easy target from the sea themselves. Together with Esdré, Schrijver addressed these concerns in a report to the States-General from 22 May 1742. Consequently, in their resolution of 9 October 1743, the States-General decided on an alternative plan, probably from a design by Jacob Ribbius, according to which a star-shaped low battery with a square central tower should be erected on a spot a little more to the west. This design was drawn by Esdré and Schrijver on this map shortly afterwards, with soundings and indications of range of fire.

North is upper left.

Schale-bar of 70 Rhineland Rods = 148 ‘strepen’.

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