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Map of Sint Michiel Bay


Map of Sint Michiel Bay

Schrijver, Cornelis / Esdré, Godfried Carel

Title Leupe: Plan van de St. Michiels Bay.

As naval Captain Cornelis Schrijver had already argued in 1737-1738 (VEL609A-B), the site chosen for the new stronghold on the headland on the eastern side of Sint Michiel Bay was unfavourable: from there the batteries could not cover the beach located a little to the west, where a possible landing might take place, but themselves formed an easy target from the sea. Together with Esdré, Schrijver addressed these concerns in a report to the States-General from 22 May 1742. Consequently, in their resolution of 9 October 1743, the States-General decided on an alternative plan, probably from a design by Jacob Ribbius, according to which a star-shaped low battery with a square central tower should be erected on a spot a little more to the west. This design was drawn by Esdré and Schrijver on this map shortly afterwards, with soundings and indications of range of fire. Taken from: report of the engineers from 4 July 1744.

North is upper left.

Schale-bar of 80 Rhineland Rods = 170 ‘strepen’.

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