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Map of Caracas Bay


Map of Caracas Bay

Geerts, S.

Title Leupe: Plan van het fort Bekenburg, Caraques Bay en de mond van het Binnenwater St. Barbara.

This general map of Caracas Bay with three inset maps and detailed annotations on the fortifications there derives from the 1754 series by S. Geerts. It reveals that ten years after the plans drawn up by the engineers Esdré and Schrijver (VEL645-646) very little had actually changed in the situation of Fort Beekenburg. Geerts seems to have used their maps as a basis; small additions have been made, including Uitkijk (lookout) and the Lage Batterij (Low Battery). The latter was constructed in 1750 to a design by Willem Meijer. In his notes next to the plan of the fort, Geerts appers less-than-impressed with this particular fortification.

North is upper left.

Scale-bars of 240 Rhineland Rods = [approximately 1 : 1,890] / [inset maps] 30 Rhineland Rods = [approximately 1 : 230].

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Sources and literature

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