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Plan for a bastion at the Bullen Bay


Plan for a bastion at the Bullen Bay

Anoniem / Anonymous

Title Leupe: Project om de Piscadersbay te versterken, voor de Bullebay.

This sketch belongs to a series of plans (VEL1462-VEL1472) to fortify the Piscadera, Sint Michiel, Porto Marie, Bullen and Santa Cruz Bays with a small battery and fort. The design for a bastion shown here is adjusted to the landscape of the Bullen bay, with three bastions sticking out inlands and wall facing the sea from the cliff. Next to the ground plan, a profile is inserted to show the width of the walls. The fort was indeed constructed in the following years.

Scale-bar of 40 Rhineland rods = 155 ‘strepen’.

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