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Map of Bullen Bay


Map of Bullen Bay

Serz, Christoph Gottlieb Friedrich

Title Leupe: De Bulle baay.

The resolution of the States-General of 9 October 1743 instructed the construction at the Bullen Bay of a newly designed stronghold of the same larger type of the same larger type that they desired for Sint Kruis Bay, Porto Marie, Sint Michiel Bay and Piscadera Bay.. Engineer Serz’s site map made more than thirty years later, which gives the same location with the orientation skewed 90 degrees, unequivocally shows that nothing ever came of the plan. The small battery which is depicted was located a little more to the north than was suggested in the original plan.

North is left.

Scale-bar of 60 Rhineland Rods = [approximately 1 : 1,395].

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