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Map of Fort Hill


Map of Fort Hill

Lamarche, de

Title Leupe: Plan Geometral et Topographique de la Montagne et dependances sur la quelle sont placees des fortifications batterie et blockhouse etc.

This map of Fort Hill and its surroundings drawn by De Lamarche on 28 January 1803 gives a view of the contemporary fortifications on the western side of Great Bay, with Fort Amsterdam on the far left and on a bluff at the foot of the hill the French battery Belair dating from 1795, and of Trigge’s blockhouse built in 1801. North of the latter, as is explained in the description in the caption, the ground was levelled on the orders of Rink to make way for the extension of the blockhouse to form Fort Gelderland. De Lamarche’s accompanying, extensively annotated project plan for this, also from 28 January 1803, can be found under number VEL1420.

North is right.

Scale-bar of 300 Toisez de 6 Piedes François Chacune = [approximately 1 : 2,400].

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