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Map of part of Brazil


Map of part of Brazil

Marcgraf, Georg / Goliath, Cornelis

Map of part of Brazil.

Title in the Leupe Catalogue (NA): Brasiliae, Geographoca et Hydrographoca, Tabula Nova, continens Praefecturas de cirisi cum Itapuma, de Paranambuca, Itamaraca, Paraiba et Potisi vel Rio Grande etc.

Brasiliae / Geographica & Hydrographica Tabula nova, continens Praefecturas de Çiriji cum Hâpuáma, di Paranambuca, Itâmaracâ, Pariba, et Potisi vel Rio grande.

Between 1630 and 1654 a large part of Brazil was occupied by the Dutch. During this peirod the area was charted by the cartographers Cornelis Goliath (who died in 1667/1668) and Georg Marcgraf. In 1643 they reproduced the results recorded here in the form of an attractive wall chart. Based on this chart, Joan Blaeu (1598-1673) published an atlas chart in 1662.

Cf. Koninklijke Bibliotheek, The Hague, inv. nrs. 1043 B 14, after p. 38 and 1.1049B13_096.

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