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Map of St. Eustatius


Map of St. Eustatius

Grevelink, A.H. Bisschop / Stemler, C.F.

Title Leupe: "Kaart van het eiland Sint Eustatius." Met profiel”.

This map was printed in the first edition of the Tijdschrift van het Aardrijkskundig Genootschap, that is the journal of the Geographic Society. It conveys the relief of the island and also indicates settlements and important buildings via the two indices on the upper part of the map. Soundings are noted in the Oranjebaai and a section of the island is found at the lower left.

North is above.

Acquired through a gift from Blommendaal, see the National Archives’ report from 1874, page 2.

Scale of 1 : 25.000.

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