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View of the conquest of Olinda by general Lonck


View of the conquest of Olinda by general Lonck

Visscher I, Nicolaas / Anoniem / Anonymous

View of the conquest of Olinda by general Lonck.

Olinda De Phernambuco / Aldus na 't Leven op de Rede afgetyckent anno 1630.

De Stat Olinda De Pharnambuco, Verovert By Den E. Generael Hendrick C. Lonck, Anno 1630.

Key: Verklaringe der Cyfergetalen / 1. Timmer-werff alwaer de Scheepen schoon maken / 2. Een Klooster op 't Eyland van Anthony Vaz / 3. Gesoncken en oock verbrande Scheepen / 4. 't Logement van den E. Generael H.C. Lonck / 5. De Kerck van 't dorp genaemt Povo / 6. De Pack-huysen met Suycker door de Spangjaerden verbrant. / 7. Een aerden Wall met eenige Fortjens / 8. 't Klooster van S. Benedictus genaemt S. Bento / 9. S. Anthony / 10. S. Francisco / 11. Groote kerck / 12. Jesuwyten / 13. Een nieu Rijsen Hooft / 14. Alhier wiert het Volck gelandet.

According to Frederik M??ller's catalogue this print is possibly a copy from the Grand Voyages part XIII by the De Bry brothers.

In the Rijksmuseum this print has been archived as FM 1656, but in the map of Brazil listed in the Frederik Muller catalogue the Latin cartouche, illustration of a sugar mill and the chart of the northern part of Brazil are missing. The key also has an extra number and the key is located in a different place.

The illustration itself measures 18,5 x 93 cm, the caption, including title, 21 x 93 cm.

Cf. Koninklijke Bibliotheek, The Hague, inv. nr. 185 B 14 part II, after p. 386.

On this map Recife is called 'Povo' .

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