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Allegory concerning the murder of the British at Ambon


Allegory concerning the murder of the British at Ambon

Anoniem / Anonymous

Below the illustration is a poem which refers to the massacre of the English at Ambon in 1649. The text of the pamphlet also refers to the murders of English at Ambon.

According to the Frederik Muller catalogue, this plate was published shortly before the first Anglo-Dutch war.

It is an allegorical image featuring three major figures. The man on the left, Dr Dooreslaer, has a moon in the hand he holds up to his breast and a chameleon on his left arm. In the centre stands a naked woman, Truth, with a sun in her right hand. On the right is Father Time, depicted with a scythe. In the foreground left several animals are shown.

In the background centre a person is shown being beheaded and another is shown undergoing torture. To the right a fleet of ships lies at anchor.

The pamphlet was entitled: De geest van Dr Doorselaer wordt door de Tijdt vertoont, en ontmomt t aenzicht der Hollanderen, en ontdeckt den Leeuws klaeuw, in t gesicht van de heldere Zon, op desen tegenwoordigen Tijdt, door een Lijst van seven-en-twintigh Barbarische en bloedige Moordeyen, en Schandelijcke Verraderyen door de Hollanders aen de Engelschen gepleeght.

Key: A-O; but lacks explanatory text.

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