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Map of part of the coast near Bantam


Map of part of the coast near Bantam

Anoniem / Anonymous

According to the catalogue Leupe (NA), the original title reads: Kaart van een gedeelte van de Kust by Bantam.

'Bird's eye' map of the battle in Bantam harbour between the VOC and the indigenous Bantammer armies; the Battle of Tirtiassa, 1682.

Insert features the trading post of Captain Joncker en Fort de Uitkijk. The VOC fleet was led by Captain Joncker and Field Marshall Tack.

Notes on reverse: nr. 41 ronde sticker [auction number.?]; nr. 32 Bantam inkt. 'T Schip Expiriment, rechts van de vloot.

Geometer is shown bottom centre.

Topographical names mentioned: Tartiassa, Tancora, Tangerangh Poerbaya, [the latter seems more likely to be the name of a person than a place as it is recorded alongside a rider with a pajong and slave].

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