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View of part of Bantam showing an attack on the Portuguese fleet in 1601


View of part of Bantam showing an attack on the Portuguese fleet in 1601

Anoniem / Anonymous

A view of the coast of Bantam with several vessels locked in battle in the foreground. In the background several East Indiamen are depicted flying the Dutch flag. Behind them a landscape with palm trees and to the left a city labelled above: Bantam.

A couple of islands are depicted in the sea, labelled Pulo Panian, De Wachter.

The painting further lists the following topographical names: Strate van Sunda, Hoeck van Bantam en t' Landt van Sumatra.

The ships in the foreground fly the following flags the Dutch tricolour, a flag with a Madonna and St Andrew's cross, flags with a Maltese cross and flags with the St. Andrew's cross.

The print is a combination of the following prints (RP-P-OB-75.312, RP-P-OB-75.313, RP-P-OB-75.314) and bears the key A-H:

A: Hollandtsche Vlote ghecomen inde strate van Sunda.

B: Een Chineesche Pirau die de voorsz. Vlote adverteert vande Poortugeesse Armade.

C: Die Hollanders comende by hare Vyanden.

D: Armade vande Poortugeessen, soo die Hollanders die eerst ingheseylt, ende gheabbordeert hebben.

E: Die voorsz. Poortugeessche Armade, loefwaert legghende vande Hollantsche, poocht met brant-schepen die selfde te destruweren.

F: Die Hollandtsche Armade, liwaert vande Poortugeessche gheleghen, en wert van de brant-schepen niet beschadicht.

G: Die Poortugesen verlatende Bantam ende het Eylandt Iava, nemen met haere overgebleven Galeyen ende Schepen die vlucht naer die Molucken.

H: Die welcke vande Hollanders een tijdt lang naer gheseylt ende met griff gheschut vervolcht zijn.

RP-P-OB-75.312 bears the name Alardi en Cloppenburgh, and the note dedicarunt.

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