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Storm at the Cape of Good Hope


Storm at the Cape of Good Hope

Luyken, Jan

A scene on the beach at the Cape of Good Hope. In the foreground left, people tugging on a rope; to the right people alongside a sloop on the beach with hands raised. At sea are four three-masters, appartently in a desperate plight due to the high winds and lashing waves. Between the ships and the beach a raft is tossed on the waves; while centre left several people on the beach stand pointing to the ships.

According to the Frederik Muller catalogue, the accompanying text reads: (18 Sept.) Aardbeving en zware storm hier te lande, waarin vele schepen bleven. (Europ. Merc. 1692 219.) Fraaije plaat door J. Luyken. 4; The text typed below reads: Dit stelt voor het vergaan van schepen aan de Kaap de Goede Hoop. Behoort in Europ. Mercurius. K.

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