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Cross-section of a dyke at Cochin


Cross-section of a dyke at Cochin

Zijnen, D. / Massenfeld, W.O.

Title in the Leupe catalogue (NA): Plan van Cochim, opgenomen in de Maand February 1765.

It bears the stamp Depot des Cart. Pl. et Journ. de la Marine.

Notes on reverse: No. 47. [on a label], No. 3B Profilen. Register 6, Deel 1, Folio 26, Portefeuille.. [inscribed on a blue label] , no. 240, accompanies no. 900 [in pencil].

The illustration shows three cross-sections of the water level.

Bottom right is the scale Schael van 10 Roeden Reijnlands.

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