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Map of Fort Jacatra


Map of Fort Jacatra

Anoniem / Anonymous

According to the Leupe catalogue (NA), the original title reads: Plan van 't fort & omleggende landt Jacatra.

Numbered top right 131 [most likely the folio number].

Key: a-j

A strip has been pasted down the right-hand edge. 1176, the number of the chart, is written in pencil. In an addition to the Leupe catalogue, reference is made to a catalogue of an exhibition in Amsterdam in 1919.

Notes on reverse:No. 24 [ thought to be the number of the document]/ 130 [most likely the folio number]/602 x / Portef. I Uit de Memorien en Beschryvingen van algemeen Batavia 1619 [in pencil] / uit overgekomen stukken Q II 1620 brief 7 oct 1619 de Jonge IV p [illegible] 1 [in pencil] / schaal 25 R op 1 duim rond 1 : 3600_ [in pencil, in a modern hand].

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