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The conquest of Macassar by Speelman from 1666 to 1669


The conquest of Macassar by Speelman from 1666 to 1669

Hooge, Romeyn de / Ram, Johannes de

Speelman's conquest of Maccassar from 1666 to 1669 taken from the Atlas van der Hagen, Koninklijke Bibliotheek, The Hague, part 4.

Compare with the print held by the Rijksmuseum, RP-P-OB-75-350 and en Nationaal Archief, VELH0619_68.

This print by Romeyn de Hooghe (1645-1708) depicts a scene from the war waged between 1666 and 1669 between the Dutch East India Company led by Cornelis Speelman and the Boeginese king Radja Pallaca. The print most probably shows the decisive battle in this war; the conquest of the Boeginese castle of Samboupo on June 25, 1669. The print was published by the Amsterdam-based wood merchant and publisher of maps Johannes de Ram (deceased around 1693).

The upper part of the print includes two inserts, incorporated into the title scroll, left: Glisson, Pannekoke Batta-batta Barrabon etc. conquered. Right: The capital city of SAMBOEPO and the court of the king taken by storm. Top right a portrait of Cornelis Speelman. Top left the portrait of Radja Pallaca, the king of the Boeginese.

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