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Bird's eye view of Batavia showing the massacre of the Chinese


Bird's eye view of Batavia showing the massacre of the Chinese

Schley, Jacobus van der

Bird's eye view of fighting in a part of the city of Batavia during the massacre of the Chinese in 1740. In the foreground houses stand in flames.

In the foreground a number of houses with neck-gables crowned with a reclining moon stand in flames. To the right in the foreground several men busy themselves with priming cannon aimed at the biggest house in the row, the home of the Chinese captain. In the street crowds of people in European and Eastern dress join battle with pistols, knives and clubs, while the canal running alongside is littered with bodies. In neighbouring streets the scene is similar with street fighting and bodies in the canals. To the right is a large building with the letter 'A'; Batavia's city hall, where soldiers and horsemen stand primed for action. In the background the picture shows the agricultural lands outside the city.

Key: A-T; without an explanatory text.

The letter ' M' designates Rotterdam point, while the letter 'P' marks the fishmarket and 'B' the church.

Cf. Maritiem Museum, MMPH-WAE-P788.

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