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Map of the Mature River


Map of the Mature River

Keller, C.P.

Title in the Leupe catalogue (NA): Kaart als voren, met eenige andere opmerkingen, which refers to the title of VEL1046: Caart van de Groote Rivier van Mature, Nieuwalleganga genoemt, met eenige andere opmerkingen.

It is numbered in pencil 721 b.

Notes on reverse: overgekomen Ceylon (1) 1742 2 deel, N 2361 [in pencil], No. 75.

The drawing is the same as the VEL1046 picture, save that several notes are different and that it shows more details such as houses and flags.

The picture shows a landscape with river and placenames such as Ambelam, See Strand, Baaij, Gravet, Mature.

Bottom left there are a number of explanatory notes, namely to : A,B,C,D.

Bottom left is the scale Schaal van 300 R. Roeden.

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