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Map of New Guinea and Gilolo


Map of New Guinea and Gilolo

Anoniem / Anonymous / Colijn, M.

Map of New Guinea and Gilolo.

Caerte vande Landen vande Papouas ofte Nova Guinea nae de beseijlinge en ontdecking van Iacob le Maire gedaen in den Iare 1616.

The expedition undertaken by Schouten and Le Maire was equipped in 1615 by Le Maire's father for the Australische Compagnie. This company attempted to circumvent the VOC patent by finding another route to Indonesia. Schouten and Le Maire succeeded in their quest by sailing around Vuurland instead of through the Magellan Straits. But despite their discovery of a new route, their expedition was not very successful. When they arrived in Batavia, their story was not believed and their remaining vessel, the Eendracht, was confiscated along with its cargo.

Schouten and Le Maire discovered the Willem Schouten Islands north of New Guinea.

This chart maps the route Schouten and Le Maire took.

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