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Coastal profiles of Ambon, Seram and surrounding islands


Coastal profiles of Ambon, Seram and surrounding islands

Jolinck, Heyndrick Dircxz.

On 3 March 1599 the Amsterdam, part of the four ships of the Tweede Schipvaart sent to the Moluccas to trade there, arrived at HItu, the northern section of the island of Ambon. They were greeted there by several ships with locals, which included a son of the sultan of Ternate. They guided the Dutch ships to a place where they could anchor and informed them of the opportunities to acquire cloves in Ternate. After this encounter, the surrounding islands were also toured.

Heyndrick Dirrecksen Jolick, helmsman of the Amsterdam, drew these coastal profiles of the region. On the top left we see the island of Manipa, sighted en route to Hitu, underneath it Hitu itself, as seen when it is about 5 miles east northeast.

On the right page we see two profiles of Hoamoal, the western peninsula of the large island of Seram. Here it is called 'Cabel' or 'Cabello', after the settlement of Kambelo, the main trading center at its west coast.

Finally, the coast of the Seramese mainland is depicted, here also named 'Cenam' and Kabobo (the latter being derived from Kaybobo, a settlement on its west side).

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