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Maps of Baticaloa and Kalture


Maps of Baticaloa and Kalture

Graaff, Isaac de

According to the Leupe catalogue (NA), the original title reads: Plan van de fortresse Batacalo.

1052a; De fortresse Batacalo; Scale of 20 Rods=71 stripes; 1052a [approx. 1:1062]; key: A-S;

1052b; De Kat binnen Batacalo; Scale of 4 Rods=61 stripes; 1052b [approx. 1:247]; key: A-R;

1052c; Afbeeldinge van de fortresse Kalture, sodanig deselve in Juny A. 1681 is gemeeten en bevonden; Scale of 20 Rods=115 stripes; 1052c [ca. 1:656]; key: 1-22; A-V.

Notes on reverse: A.A. nr. 23 m; [reverse] 576b [in pencil] n.2: 44 [With notes].

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