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Map of the fort at Passarouan and environs


Map of the fort at Passarouan and environs

Anoniem / Anonymous

According to the Leupe catalogue (NA), the original title reads: Plaan van het Fort, Rentranchementen en omleggende cituatie van Passarouan.

Stamped: Depot des Cart. Pl. et Journ. de la Marine.

Notes on reverse: Plaan van het fort, Retranchementen, en omleggende cituatie van Passarouan Ao 1719 [written along the top and bottom] / No. 79 [written in quite large letters on a small label] / 648 [stamped in bold figures on a small label] / No. 22 Plan van het Fort, Retranchementen en Situatie van Passarouang Register 2 Deel 1 Folio 7 Portefeul [written on a blue label].

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