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Vessels before Ternate and Tidore


Vessels before Ternate and Tidore

Anoniem / Anonymous

View of a bay with two European ships, a large proa and several dozen smaller ones. One of the European ships flies the Amsterdam flag. All proas are filled with men with spears. The King of Ternate pays a visit to the Dutch. He is accompanied by 32 coracoras.

Key: A to E, without explanatory notes; these are contained in 'Begin ende Voortgang': A. Het Eylandt Tidore; B. Een onbewoont Eylandt leghende tusschen Ternate en Tidore; D. De Galeye ofte Caracora de Conincx.

According to the index in 'Begin ende Voortgang' the illustration is entitled: Het Eylandt Ternate.

Cf. Universiteitsbibliotheek, Universiteit van Amsterdam, inv. nr.O 60 641, p. 38.

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Sources and literature

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