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Map of Batavia


Map of Batavia

Bird's eye view map of Batavia with ships in the harbour. Bottom right is a view of the city from the sea with several vessels in the foreground.

Key: A-I; a-z and 1-21. The following points and bastions are named in the key: Punt Diamant, Punt Robyn, Punt de Parel, Punt Safier, Punt Amsterdam, Punt Middelburg, Punt Delft, Punt Rotterdam, Punt Gelderlant, Punt Orangien, Nieuwe Poort, Punt Hollandia, Punt Grimbergen, Punt Diest, Punt Nassau, Punt Zeelandia, Punt Utrecht, Punt Westfrieslandt, Punt Overijssel, Punt Groeningen, Punt Zeeburch, Punt Cuylenburgh, 't Viercant, redout Buyren.

A lion with sword and shield is depicted to the right of the scroll.

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