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Map of the lodge at Hougli


Map of the lodge at Hougli

Graaff, Isaac de

According to the Leupe catalogue (NA), the original title reads: Platte form van de Logie in Bengalen, ten tyden als den Ed. Heer Commissaris aldaar arriveerde; Key: 1-21.

This image is identical to that of VEL1101, but shows the flap up.

VEL1101a: Platte form als voren, als zodanig deselve door den Hoog Ed. H:r Commissaris, Adriaen van Reede, verbetert is; Key: A-Z.

Restored along the edges and along the centrefold; the map has clearly been folded in half.

Numbered top right: 29b.

Notes on reverse: 593 a / 46 [in pencil] / 3 [in pencil].

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