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Profile of the 'Faussebraye' at Hougli


Profile of the 'Faussebraye' at Hougli

Anoniem / Anonymous

Title in the Leupe catalogue (NA):Profiel van de Fausse braye.

Notes on reverse: N3 1743 / 584 [folio number in the volume ?] / No. 12 [serial number of the item in the volume ?] / 593 d [in pencil].

VOC terminology assigned three different meanings to 'faussebraye': 1: a double exterior wall of a fortified place. 2: a bulwark between a moat and the main building. 3: ramparts for musketeers in front of and below the main wall. There are also a number of variant spellings: faucebray, faucebré en fossebraij.

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