Tengapatnam, also known as Cuddalore, was situated on the souther Coromandel Coast, about 70 miles north of Nagapatnam. The town should not be confused with the place of the same name on the south Indian coast near Trivandrum. In 1608 the Dutch were granted permission to use an old fort as a place of trade. Because of the fort's impractibility the town was abandoned in favour of Thiruppapuliyur further south. Later the VOC was to build a lodge in Tengapatnam where the chief resided along with other VOC employees. The lodge was situated in the centre of the village, surrounded by a wall with four bastions. Tengapatnam was a key location for the purchase of 'lijnwaten' but also functioned as a leisure destination for the merchants. In 1647 the Company was granted permission to build a fort there manned by 60 people.