Land van Waveren

South Africa

Towards the end of the 17th century the most farflung outposts of the VOC falling under the Cape of Good Hope were Saldanha Bay in the north, Clapmuts in the north-east and Hottentots Holland in the east. During this period it became imperative the Company extend its borders in order to furnish the free burghers with new land on which to farm. Consequently a valley north east of the Cape was annexed, which became known as ' 't Land van Waveren'. This Waveren valley, as the region was also known, proved suitable for arable farming, livestock and vineyards. Due to problems with the indigenous tribes in the region, the livestock in 't Land van Waveren was driven to the post of Riet Vallei during the winter months, where the cold was less extreme. In 1743 the post was sold to a burgher called P. de Vos in a transaction presided over by the then governor, Swellengrebel. De Vos renamed the town Nooitgedacht.