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View of Gamron


View of Gamron

Decker, Coenraet / Marshoorn, Johannes

View of Gamron.

de Stadt Gammeron of Bendaer a'Basie Persie.

Top left: No: 18.

Key: 1 Hollantse Begraefplaets. / 2 Hollantse Loosie / 3 Engelse Loosie / 4 Fransche Loosie / 5 Moscke / 6 5.a.6. Gallijen op d' Strant' Staen tot Triomf Tegens die van Ormus. / 7. Casteel met een drooge Graft. / 8 Een Fortresse / 9 Het Iaght Nuysenburgh / 10 D' Fluyt Alpfen..

The plate is taken from the volume 'Drie aanmerkelyke reizen, door Italien, Griekenland, Lyfland, Moscovien' by J.J. Struys from 1742, Amsterdam University, inv. nr. O 78 138 partl I, after p. 369. However, the illustration is signed by Coenraat Decker, who died in 1685. As such this print must date from before 1685. Given that the first voyage by the vessel Nuysenburgh took place in 1665, the illustration would have been executed some time after that year. Het is unlikely that the Dutch lodge in Gamron was really as large as depicted here. The building itself, too, seems an unlikely VOC lodge.

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Sources and literature

Struys, Jan Janszoon en Frans Jansz van der Heiden, Drie aanmerkelyke reizen, door Italien, Griekenland, Lyfland, Moscovien [...]: en verscheiden andere gewesten .. Hier is noch by gevoegt Frans Jansz. van der Heiden vervaarlyke schipbreuk van 't Oost-Indisch jacht ter Schelling (1742)