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Map of the settlement at Baros


Map of the settlement at Baros

Anoniem / Anonymous

According to the Leupe catalogue (NA), the original title reads: Nieuw Geprojecteerd Fort voor 's Ed. Comp:s Cantoor Baros.

Notes in the Leupe catalogue: Batavia Boek VII, deel VII, inv. nr. 2038. This is the old KA number, the new VOC number is 2146.

Notes on reverse: No 1 Nieuw geprojecteert fort voor s: E. Comps. Cantoor Baros / Behoort by de overgekomen Brieven en papieren van Batavia 1731 7 deel / No 14 [thought to be the number of the item in the OBP volume] / 599 j / 4490 [probably the folio number in the OBP volume].

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