Priaman lay slightly to north of Padang on Sumatra's western coast. In 1671 the Company built a lodge in Priaman and later, around 1684, a fort. Priaman fell within the influence of the king of Atjeh, as did Padang and Indrapoura and a score of other VOC settlements on the West Coast of Sumatra. In 1663 the Company concluded a treaty with the king of Atjeh and after that the Company acquired a greater influence on the West Coast of Sumatra. However the trade with the outposts along the coasts remained sporadic due to the frequent clashes between the Sultan of Atjeh and other more minor local rulers. In addition the competition with other European trading companies, in particular that of the British, resulted in problems. Consequently the trading post at Priaman was sporadically abandoned, as was the case in 1698, only to be reinstated after a time. The Dutch finally left Priaman for good in 1770, along with the outpost at Ajerbangis.