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Coastline profiles of Siko and view of Talangame (Ternate)


Coastline profiles of Siko and view of Talangame (Ternate)

Jolinck, Heyndrick Dircxz.

On 22 May 1599 the Amsterdam and Utrecht, part of the Tweede Schipvaart to the East indies, arrived at Ternate. In the area, Heyndrick Dirrecksen Jolinck, helmsman of the Amsterdam, drew various coastal profiles and views of the various coasts and settlements.

On the right page, a group of islands which Jolinck identifies as the ‘Sijko’ islands, after Siko, the largest of the island group. The group is located to the southwest of the larger island of Makian, which in turn is located south of Tidore and Ternate. He drew these coastline profiles of the Siko islands in his journal as seen at 6 miles distance in south by east direction.

On the right page, the village of Talangame on Ternate, situated just east of the capital Gamalama, as drawn by Jolinck on 24 May. Jolinck drew this coastline profile of Ternate as seen when one is located on the water across from the village of Talangame and depicts some of this village without naming or identifying any of its landmarks.

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