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Refreshment station on the island of Mauritius


Refreshment station on the island of Mauritius

Anoniem / Anonymous

A depiction of an exotic coast with many men at work on a beach. In the foreground several fishermen, while to the left a man on a raised platform stands before a crowd of people. Behind him a smith and in the centre a cooper. On the right seveal exotic animals and in the centre a tree which carries the coats of arms of Zeeland, Amsterdam and Holland.

According to a text on a similar picture (RP-P-OB-75-375), the print shows a bay on the island of Mauritius, for this print comes from 'Begin ende Voortgang'. The text below another, similar picture (RP-P-OB-47-490) mentions the harbour of St. Lucie, Madagascar.

This print is a mirror image of RP-P-OB-75-379, which originates from 'Begin ende Voortgang'. According to the index of 'Begin ende Voortgang', the picture is entitled: Wat op 't selvige Eylant gesien ende gevonden hebben.

Cf. Universiteitsbibliotheek, Universiteit van Amsterdam, inv. nr. O 60 64, p. 7.

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