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Landscape on Mauritius, named 'De vuyle bocht'


Landscape on Mauritius, named 'De vuyle bocht'

Anoniem / Anonymous

Title in the Leupe catalogue (NA): Affteeckeningh van 't bouwlant in de Vuyle bocht.

Notes on reverse: No. 22. affteeckeningh van't bouwlant in de Vuijle bocht / uit brieven en papieren van de Kaap overgek. in 1671, no. 20 [it could be that no. 20 does not form part of this note, but constitutes a separate note] / 566 [folio number in the volume ?] / op't eiland Mauritius / 498 pp.

Chart VEL0332 shows clearly that Vuyle Bhaij, or Vuyle bocht, was situated close to the Dutch fort.

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