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Map of Goenong Apij and Banda Neira


Map of Goenong Apij and Banda Neira

Anoniem / Anonymous

Map of Goenong Apij and Banda Neira, from the collection of Artus Gijsels.

Gounons Api.


The island of Neyra has been subdivided into nutmeg beds A through L, but there is no key. The numbers noted indicate the number of 'souls', i.e. the number of slaves that were deemed necessary to work the nutmeg plantation in question.

The water depths are given along the coast.

There is a hospital on a level with Fort Nassau.






Sieckenhuijs Vlackerhoeck.

There are various vessels lying off the coast as well as East Indiamen.

Cf. Österreichische Nationalbibiothek, Vienna, inv. nr. Van der Hem 40:22 and idem, inv. nr. Van der Hem 40:23.

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