Quaal, fort

The post Qual was initially designed as a temporary post during the war with Bantam (Banten) in 1682, but was not permanently occupied. It was built at the mouth of the Tjisadane (Cisadane River, Quala means river mouth). At the outbreak of the Chinese revolt in 1740 the station was manned by a sergeant, two corporals and 12 men. The post was attacked and taken on 7 October 1740. Several defenders were killed and the others escaped. Qual was recaptured on 26 October 1740. The great rebellion in Bantam in 1752 made it necessary to. expand and modernize the small defense work. In 1779 there were 22 soldiers an eight guns.

Governor General Herman Willem Daendels (1808-1811) ordered the demolition of the small fortification in 1809.


Sources and literature

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