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Bird's eye view of the city of Macao


Bird's eye view of the city of Macao

Vingboons, Johannes

Title in the Leupe catalogue (NA): Gezicht in vogelvlucht op als voren van de zeezijde..

The chart is one of the maps contained in the Vingboons Atlas.

The format excludes the strip of Japanese paper pasted on the chart.

The image shows a peninsula with a walled city, churches, dwellings, a monastery and a fort. Outside the city one can discern a number of houses and a church St Lazaro.

The watercolour image features labels such as St Fransisco; Steene muur ofte borstwering; Cruijt huijs; Stadt Huijs; Clooster St Paulo; 't Fort St Paulo among others.

Several roads lead to the city, bisecting various tracts of land such as: rijs landt; vlack velt, Sandt Strandt.

A fort is situated at the tip of the peninsula fort de [?].

Large and small vessels lie at anchor before the peninsula.

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Sources and literature

Gossselink, Martine, Land in Zicht: Vingboons tekent de Wereld van de 17de eeuw. (2007)