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Nine illustrations with scenes from the voyage of Bontekoe


Nine illustrations with scenes from the voyage of Bontekoe

Jonge, Clement de / Savry, Salomon

A large plate, flanked by eight prints, each with its own caption.

The central plate shows the vessel 'Hooren' that exploded at sea one night in 1619. A portrait of Bontekoe is shown in a cartouche top centre. Two rowing boats with survivors are depicted near the exploding ship as well as a completely burnt-out vessel. Several people are shown drifting in the water.

The captions to the other plates suggest they depict scenes from Bontekoe's voyage.

The first illustration shows a refreshment stop on the island S. Maria; A sloop off shore, with huts and people on the beach.

Two: Three sloops in full sail near Sumatra.

Three: Sumatra, a wood fire and men bearing torches.

Four: Sumatra, a sloop at anchor near the coast with men grouped around a wood fire on the beach; they eat and drink indigenous produce.

Five: Sumatra; A sloop off shore. On the beach men armed with spears chase the crew into the water.

Six: Journey to Batavia; A sloop near the coast of an island with a hill. A figure is depicted on the hilltop labelled Willem IJsbrans Bontekoe. In the background the names Iava, Straat van Sunda.

Seven: Return to Holland. Three ships in a storm at sea, of which two badly damaged.

Eight: The coast of Madagascar with a sloop in the foreground. Men are depicted chopping wood and building a hut.

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