Vlissingen, fort (Nussatello)

In 1638 governor Johan Ottens ordered the construction of a fort on the most northern of the three islands of the Nusatelu-group on the northwest coast of Ambon, in order to control the strait between Ambon and Seram. A small triangular redoubt was built, garrisoned by a corporal with eight soldiers who had four small canons to their disposal. During the 1651 Ternate revolt against the VOC, the fort was looted and burnt. After the repression of the revolt by governor Arnold de Vlaming van Outshoorn, the fort was re-occupied by the Dutch. After the decision was made to reduce the cost of maintaining the forts of Ambon in 1697 it was no longer permanently occupied. The fort was probably used as a lookout post until 1762, when it was looted and burned by Papuan people. Currently only remains of this triangle shaped walls of the fort can be traced amidst the bushes.


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