Kuijlenburg, fort

The small redoubt Kuilenburg was built in 1636 on the northern end of the island of Banda Besar (Lonthor). Built on top of a hill, it guarded the northernmost part of the island as well as the passage between the islands of Lonthor and Neira. It was accessible from the village of Salomon by means of a flight of stone stairs running up the hill. It was built at the orders of Governor-General Antonie van Diemen, who named it Kuilenburg after his hometown of Culemborg. Acoording to an inscription, Governor Willem van der Zijl (1680-1682) rebuilt the redoubt in 1682. It was a typical redoubt for the Moluccas, consisting of a stone tower, accessible at the top by means of a wooden ladder, covered by a steep tiled roof. Though parts of the structure were still intact early in the twentieth century, by 1928 only ruins remained, it having been used as a quarry by the local inhabitants. Presenlty, only some remains of walls can be discerned.


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