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Plan of Oranje castle on Ternate


Plan of Oranje castle on Ternate

Anoniem / Anonymous

Title in the Leupe catalogue (NA): 't Casteel Orangie op 't Eyland Ternate, met een project tot vercleyningh.

Key: A-K

Particulars: the lower part of the map is in a bad condition; it has been restored but there are holes in the map.

Notes on reverse: Molucco 1653. Caerte van geconcipieerde vercleeningh des Casteels Orangie op't eijlandt Ternate / Behoort by den brief van G. van den Boogaerden van 18 jan 1650 fol 842. Portef. 1653 III / 909 [folio number in the volume ?] / No. 35 [serial number of the item in the volume ?; No. 8 and No. 26 have been crossed out] / 648c.

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