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View of Manhattan


View of Manhattan

Anoniem / Anonymous / Vingboons, Johannes

View of Manhattan.

nieuw Amsterdam ofte nue nieuw Iorx opt 't Eylant Man.

View of the coast of an island (New York on Manhattan) from the sea. Framed in red, yellow and black under a vast, cloudy sky. Depicted on the sea are four sailing vessels, of which the largest is shown firing shots. Three vessels fly the Dutch flag. Bottom right three rowing boats. In the centre a small mooring, with rows of houses in the background.

This map is a copy of the chart by Johannes Vingboons in the National Archives, The Hague, inv. nr. VELH0619.14.

Cf. Koninklijke Bibliotheek, The Hague, inv. nr. 1049B13_074.

Cf. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, inv. nr. NG-20-D.

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