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Map of the American continents


Map of the American continents

Sayer, Robert / Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'

Title Leupe: A Map of the whole continent of America, divided into North and South and West Indies etc. Vier bladen.

A map of North and South America and the Caribbean with a copious index containing all European colonies in the area. Of central importance are the borders agreed upon after the treaty concluded at Paris on the 10th of February 1763, which are drawn in multiple colours. The clauses of treaty are inserted too, showing the publisher Sayer, was chiefly interested in displaying this new balance of power on these two continents. The authority this map obtained made it important to the Dutch Republic as it defined the Dutch possessions too. At the bottom left, a map of tundra North America is shown as well.

Scale ca. 1:11,250,000.

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