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Map of Nova Scotia


Map of Nova Scotia

Jefferys, Thomas / Sayer, Robert

Title Leupe: A New Map of Novo Scotia and Cape Breton Island, with the adjacent parts of New England and Canada etc.

Thomas Jefferys (1710-71) was a royal geographer to King George III and a London publisher of maps. He is well known for his maps of North America, produced to meet commercial demand, but also to support British territorial claims against the French. The map was originally made in the period after the Seven Years War and the “great upheaval,” when the British forcibly removed more than 7,000 French Acadians from their farms and homes along the coast of the Bay of Fundy. The version of the map shown here was published in The American Atlas, published after Jefferys' death by his former partner Robert Sayer.

Scale of 70 English miles = 59 ‘strepen’.

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