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Map of New-England north of New York


Map of New-England north of New York

Jefferys, Thomas / Mead, Braddock

Title Leupe: A Map of the most Inhabited part of New-England, containing the provinces of Massachusets Bay van New-Hampshire etc.

Thomas Jefferys (1710-71) was a royal geographer to King George III and a London publisher of maps. He is well known for his maps of North America. After his death, his former partner Robert Sayer forged a new partnership with John Bennett and used Jefferys’ plates to publish The American Atlas, in which this map appeared. Interestingly, it does not, however, appear to be drawn by Jefferys himself but rather his assistant Braddock Mead (alias John Green). A reference list mentions the sources compiled here, yet does not reveal it was more or less copied from an obscure map by William Douglass. The state of New York, moreover, was likely taken from the survey conducted by the Dutch land surveyor Samuel Holland just a few years earlier while being assigned by the British colony.

Scale of 30 English Miles = 116 ‘strepen’.

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