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Map of Lake Champlain


Map of Lake Champlain

Brassier, William / Sayer, Robert / Bennett, Jr.

Title Leupe: A Survey of Lake Champlain, including Lake George, Crown Point and St. John etc.

This is the first separately published map on Lake Champlain and Lake George. It is based on a land survey Brassier made between 1758 and 1759. Several names changed since then; Ticonderoga was altered to Carillon, and a fort and lake named after the British monarch George in 1755 were added (see bottom right). A dotted line with reference letters was added too to indicate the engagement of the British and American fleets off the Isle of Valcour on October 11, 1776, their movements down the river, and a second engagement off Crown Point on October 13, 1776. Similarly, America's first naval battle conducted by General Benedict Arnold is also displayed. The earlier explorations of the region is shortly mentioned in the first line of the description on the top left: “Lake Champlain to which the Dutch formerly gave the name Corlaer…”

Scale of 30 English Miles = 91 ‘strepen’.

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