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Map of New Jersey


Map of New Jersey

Faden, William

Title Leupe: The Province of New-Yersey, divided into East and West. Commonly called the Jerseys.

This is the second edition of Faden's map of New Jersey which derives from Bernard Ratzer's surveys in 1769. This survey attempted to resolve a century-old boundary dispute between New York and New Jersey. By using the results of this survey, this map established New Jersey's northern border with New York for the first time in print. The sheer size of the map equally impresses and allowed it to take the entire breadth of the future State of New Jersey, as well as bordering regions. Attention is paid to the relief which drastically changes from Jersey Highlands to the coastal marshes. In addition, borders, main roads and settlements as well as towns are shown too. This reveals a surging population of over 120,000 souls. To complement Ratzer’s findings, Faden also resorted to Gerard Bancker’s survey of the northern part of New Jersey. This map is part of Faden's North American Atlas.

Scale of 30 Eng. M. = 114 'strepen'.

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