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Map of the North Atlantic Ocean


Map of the North Atlantic Ocean

Sayer, Robert / Bennett, John / Clocks, Marine / Berthoud, Ferdinand / Fleurieu, de / Mannevillette, Jean-Baptiste Nicolas Denis d'Apres de

Title Leupe: A New General chart of the Atlantic and Western Ocean and adjacent Seas including the Coast of Europa and Africa, from 0 degrees North Latitude to the Equator and also the opposite Coast of America etc.

This British map of the North Atlantic Ocean pays particular attention to determining the right longitudes and latitudes. For this reason it boasts to have applied ‘the most accurate astronomic observations and the journals of the most experienced navigators’ in the title and elaborate advertisement at the right side of the map. Interestingly, all navigators who helped determine the coordinates are French or operated on French ships. Specific references are used to distinguish coordinates derived from their accounts. Indications for winds also derive from a French author. The ocean is also filled with hazard indicated by notations refering to numerous journals from more diverse backgrounds.

North is up.

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