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Map of the Atlantic Ocean, sheet 1


Map of the Atlantic Ocean, sheet 1

Purdy, John / Laurie, Richard H.

Title Leupe: ”General Chart of the Atlantic Ocean". Met verschillende kartons voorstellende: Fayal, de reede Angra op Terceira, Ponta Delgada, Madeira, de golf van Mexico, de baai van Panama, Guayaquil, de Galapagos eilanden, Juan Fernandez, Buenos Ayres, Rio de la Plata, de baai van Montevideo, de baai van Maldonado, Sint Helena, de reede van Sint Helena."

This is a late edition of the Purdy’s New Chart of the Atlantic Ocean which was first published in 1812. This chart soon gained fame and went through many editions as it managed to compile an enormous amount of cartographic material into a single overview encompassing three sheets. Purdy himself did not conduct hydrographic expeditions, but relied on the work of others or as the title reads 'the most eminent navigators, British and Foreign'. This map of the North Atlantic Ocean also contains an insert map of the Gulf of Mexico. It delivers an enormous amount of data on soundings, coordinates, logs and ports and also features coastal profiles.

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